Friday, August 28, 2009

Kami Anak M'sia


Yea, do believe in your eyes.
I finally updated our class blog. Haha.
But yea, still gotta wait for Mr. Peter's birthday prank.
For whoever who wants any pictures, feel free to pass me your pendrive okay?
Pictures are all edited before I upload them to the class blog.
Trials in another 3 days!
And I shall see you guys tomorrow. =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

LAN exam day.. Tense moment...

Well people.. Stressful day and all... Its been difficult.. Let's see some people before the exams..

Our dear little baby... Studying...She looks like she isnt taking any papers today... I'll try uploading her video later... we all laugh ok?

This one seriously stress wei.. Stress to the max

Haha.. Mummy also reading very hard...

Sam Tham tried to cover her face.. 50% success...
Look at jennie's face.. I think the only time you can compare it to is when she has to decide which guy's heart that's 'crushing' on her that she has to crush.
Cant take anymore de...

Sam Ong's classic face la.. Classic...

Oops! How did this end up here(he's Ben by the way.. Ahem.. Shirley's.. Ahem..)

Tio.. NO more words needed to be said...

Extra Classes!

This Sat got classes for Bio and Thinking skills right? A reminder

Discussion room 2

Thinking skills
B27 or B 25. Cant remember.

But remember.. These classes clash. Talked about it with ms chong and mr peter. We can go for ms chong for about an hour of something in between mr peters class. So dont worry if u wan to make it for both classes.

Not sleepy Class Rep
Shirley & Ben


Dear beloved students of mine....
Dont be sorry, there were no grief moment with u, I enjoyed myself teaching all of u, I said I was a bad acting teacher what I meant I laughed watching the way u act in the video movie.I treasure every moment with each and everyone of u ...


Haha.. understood wrongly la..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chem Lab

Just a short note.

How's pracs? Good? Haha.. (can imagine shirley saying go die to this..)
If you see this tonight Good for you,
Tomorrow there's no chem lab. NO need lab coat. Good night!

Sleepy ClassRep

Friday, August 14, 2009

Splash Splash Revenge

tester round 1

tester round 2

a Very catchy catch-phase

See-saw Nose. lol.


you can actually see Tio laughing in the background.
Look at his mouth, laugh so loud!


Btw, how was the Mr Peter thing???? photos for the sick one who couldn't attend please! :)
and also, Thanks loads to Steph and anyone else who helped with the photos.
AND sorry to the lecturers who were on duty later on in the day,
we were really too tired to take anymore pictures.
to EVERYONE (who helped out and volunteered, of course)