Saturday, August 8, 2009

SS2 Nightmarket. Pictures disclosed!

Everyone who went SS2 on Monday night!

Since not many people went to Ss2 on monday, i'll just show a glimpse of what we did there...

Its the durian season! Erm we din eat cause most felt heaty but we saw a lot durians nonetheless..

You know..? For me i think this is the cutest picture of our dear lil sister

Ms Chong's fav stall!!! Unfortunately closed that day
Tio showing me and mee kuan his skills...
Look at Wen qi's face for both pictures.. Bottom one easier to see the face.. But up one look funny too. Haha she was really bored...

Ya.. With Wen Qi's pic.., I end this.. Lol!!!!!
ATW aka class rep.. Haiz easier just put Class Rep.. -.-!

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