Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

SmS Blunder... And Chem project

Sorry! You guys.. Err well.. Girls.. should have received a sms regarding staying back tomorrow at 1 pm for discussion of some class stuff... It's kinda settled so there's no need to stay back anymore... Everyone can go home early!

In an unrelated matter... chemistry project! Just for information...
First group to present: Group 4 Yap's group!
Second: Group 2 Michael...
Third: Group 3 Mr Tio
Fourth: Group 1!
(the last shall be the first and the first shall be the last)

So please be ready!

For Group 1 can stay back tomorrow for a little while? Finish off the discussion! Mee Kuan and Li Jin.. please get all the info? Then can spread the work and be done with it....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Hour Break Bio Prac!

Never Ending =P

As of the picture above, we can see how sweet they are, right? In their own world and nobody dares to enter their territory of LOVE. But, it might not be what we think it is. Wonders why? Please scroll down, readers.



He's having an affair with G also! I wonder how CS gonna explain this to J. Oopss, and also how G gonna explain this to TW. =P Let's find out tomorrow.

And, we always save the best for last, right? A photo is posted below. Have a smart guess who are they, but I think most of you know. Is this counted as an affair also? I hope not. Mr. Peter, don't be sad, okay? You're still PM8's best BF for our mentor. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another one??

Scandal baru kelas kita!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well February is ending,
and March coming....
Here's a little something,
while you're waiting..

We definitely learned colours in Biology... Especially when two girls are given chemicals...

Some even tried cooking...

Some of us are really tired after or sometimes even during college...

So everyone! Please rest well and have enough energy to go through this!!

Class Rep

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


(edited-- plz dont upload the picture)

Save the best for the last.

This post is for both PM8 and PE4.

Michael's new theory of enzyme inhibition

Enzyme-Ms Cindy-ase
Substrate-Mr Peter Ting
Binding energy-PM8
Competitive inhibitor-Mr Lai(Reversible)
Non-competitive inhibitor-Ms Chong

*According to the diagrams above, in the absence of substrate, the competitive inhibitor will take the substrate' place and bind with the enzyme.

P.S)Can someone post the pics in which i m included?

PM8 at thepyramid

Highlight! =)

Star of the day


PM8 bowling , rolling &Happy memories!!

Well first things first,here comes pm8 photos!!!!!

PM8 goes bowling :D

Earlier today .

AT Asia Cafe

Mee Kuan censored Shirleys eyes :P

Hoho~! What do we have here hmm?

Li Jin! So cute :3

Hey Sam ! Whats that on your back :O !?

Later today.
At the Sunway Pyramid Bowling Centre .

Hello Alicia :)

Michael Bowlss.

Go Cindy, Go !!

Awww, cuci longkang xD

Yap and Jocelyn,The Pro (;

Whee, Group photo !! :D

Group Photo + Tio with his precious Ball.

After a while, we decided to give ourselves *special* names.
As you can see from above xD.

Tio --> Ding Ding Dong. of course
Alicia --> Sally ??
Ms.Cindy --> Sexi Cindy
Yap --> Yappy xD
Jocelyn--> JoBlaBla
Heng--> HengAhuh
Li Jin --> Jiji Bird which eventually evolved to Jiji Bird Remix xD
Sam --> Samandacool evolved to Sammivelu.
Tsung Wai --> ATW
Mee Kuan --> MeeSup!

Well, i think we all had a good time ;)
We should plan more class trips and hopefully
the whole class will come along yeah? :P