Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For Those Who Couldn't Find It :)

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Hey Guys/Girls/Gays/Les,

For those who are still struggling to find the new timetable, here is a step by step way to get your new timetable, which will be effective by next week ! So hurry up.

The above is my timetable, which is pretty obvious because I have less slots in the middle unlike the others because I'm taking Psychology :) For those that are not taking the same subjects as me, follow the steps below and a surprise is in for you.

Step To Get Your New Timetable

Step 1 : Please enter this website. http://portals.taylors.edu.my/portal/login.do
Type in your student id and password.

Step 2 : If you're able to login succesfully, congratulations ! You are certified as a Taylor's
University College student.
Look at the center top of the website, just underneath the picture of four people smiling and laughing.
You are able to see Four Big Title, As So : Home ; Programme ; Services ; Hostel.

Step 3 : Kindly click on the " Programme " title. It will then lead you to the next page.

Step 4 : Now, look at the corner left. I hope, you can see the arrow (->) for search and -> Go to.

Step 5 : After you see the -> Go to box on the corner left, start counting ! 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5.
You can see that 1. Teaching & learning, 2. Forms , 3. E-learning, 4. Academic result and
Finally 5. Timetable.

Step 6 : Click on the timetable & walah ! You have successfully load your new timetable :)

Step 7 : Click Printer Friendly Version and start printing !

However, I have a suggestion as below :) I wonder if we could put Thursday's Chemistry from 3-4pm to 2-3pm, so awkward to have an one hour break there. No fun :(

Comments anyone ?

Oh, btw ! Remember to check Blackboard 7 :) Chemistry Chapter 3 notes are freshly oven baked out ! & Mathematics ! Check it out, apparently Ms. Yap uploaded tons of notes and tutorial at one go :) Good luck downloading guys.

Mel :)

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