Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back to College!

Well everyone! This is the first post on this blog..
And its torturing... Cause holidays are over!
Well how was all your holidays???
I'm sure they're all great and we're all recharged! If not too bad.. Haha..
Hope everyone is happy and let's all work hard now like a cow for the coming exams!... :,(
Er.. ok.. just a question.. what happened to the chain sms???? Only one side of the tree finished... Su Ann to Yap's side din send it back... What happened????? I'll kick that person tomorrow..
Well that's all i guess... And camera leng lui! Where are the pics??? Of the birthday girls and yee sang???? Post it quickly!

Class Rep!


  1. Some idiot keeps deleting those pix lah >_>

  2. Lol.. only our classmates can delete right?? you scolding someone from PM8 an idiot? -.-