Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moral Studies..... And Outing @.@

Well, people!
I'm not sure how you like moral or are you doing very well.. But somehow some joker sent me an email bout moral notes... (Lucky me i guess...) And it's bout what mr ari is teaching... So if you want it please let me know.. Then i'll send it to your e-mail. Or post it up some web.. OKie?

*For people like me.. Who don't copy most of his notes..... ^.^*

Ok.. next issue... I think should discuss this together but i'll just post it here first for you guys (well.. mostly girls) to think bout it.. Cause highest poll so far and i think most probably win is friday.. So do you people.. (both guys and girls) want to do it err...

1)Friday evening? Maybe from 4-5pm till late evening.. bout 8 or something... after dinner... want? We'll go bowling.. Some of us can't go too far right? No transport? Sunway alright? If cannot then i'm sure we can fix something..

2)Saturday? If sat then someone else please plan it! Cause i'll only be joining your plans till bout 12pm.. Got things after 1pm.. So sorry ya? So if most of you choose sat then i'm sure some one can step up and make sure everything runs well.. ok? But if sat then can go much further.. Maybe even take the train go far far away.... Even to KL!!! Most of you all have not been there right? It's something to think bout..

Next! It's too late this week.. So we'll do this next week? Set? Next week! Be it friday or saturday!

Senorita? I think can take the polls off.. it'll will most probably be Friday or Saturday. So no use anymore.. Any disagreements, please keep it to yourself! Haha.. No la.. Just tell it out in class or something...
PS:Senorita, no need put a poll bout this.. Can just decide in class.. We'll find a time...

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