Friday, February 20, 2009

PM8 goes bowling :D

Earlier today .

AT Asia Cafe

Mee Kuan censored Shirleys eyes :P

Hoho~! What do we have here hmm?

Li Jin! So cute :3

Hey Sam ! Whats that on your back :O !?

Later today.
At the Sunway Pyramid Bowling Centre .

Hello Alicia :)

Michael Bowlss.

Go Cindy, Go !!

Awww, cuci longkang xD

Yap and Jocelyn,The Pro (;

Whee, Group photo !! :D

Group Photo + Tio with his precious Ball.

After a while, we decided to give ourselves *special* names.
As you can see from above xD.

Tio --> Ding Ding Dong. of course
Alicia --> Sally ??
Ms.Cindy --> Sexi Cindy
Yap --> Yappy xD
Jocelyn--> JoBlaBla
Heng--> HengAhuh
Li Jin --> Jiji Bird which eventually evolved to Jiji Bird Remix xD
Sam --> Samandacool evolved to Sammivelu.
Tsung Wai --> ATW
Mee Kuan --> MeeSup!

Well, i think we all had a good time ;)
We should plan more class trips and hopefully
the whole class will come along yeah? :P

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