Friday, February 6, 2009

Rumours or Truth

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Taylor's University College, where SCANDAL clashes with books and PM8 rules.

If you think scandal only happens when people spread rumours about something which is not true, think again. Because scandals might not be only scandals, feast your eyes on the upcoming pictures.

This is gossip PM8 here, your one and only source into the scandalous life of Subang's elite.

Top story on our website today. (We'll let the pictures to do the talking)

To say I took the pictures on purpose is a lie, because somebody accidentally pushed my hand & I accidentally caught the picture.

Spoted near Taylor's guard house. Two pairs walking. Could it be we're expecting more scandals than we think? So what will it be, couple or mere rumours. We all know one class can't have only one scandal, what happens next ? Only time will tell.

PM8's believe it or not.

If you think people looks innocent on the outside, think again. Some might show you their angelic faces, but actually they're really wild inside. You'll never know. Unless you slowly scoop the inside story.

If you think that picture is just coincidentally that they walked together. There's more prove to come.

& guess what ? Some guy paid for some girl's food. They said it's because the guy lost in a bet. What do you think ?

*Edited : (The girl said that he didn't pay, will they go out on another secret date again? Who Knows.) *

It looks like the ultimate unpredictable has become the ultimate truth.

Think twice when you think no one is watching.

Because you'll never know who is watching.

Expect the least expected.


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