Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our class rep, say awwwwww!

So tsung wai, su ann and hui ning went for my easter play at taylor's lakeside campus! the play was called "The Velvet Rabbit" and yea the rabbit tsung wai is hugging and acting cute with is the main star of the's super cuddly..that's why after the show tsung wai just stoned with it in his arms (maybe he was imagining hugging a specific "someone" hmmmmm....) ok i will just let the pictures do the talking...malas

 YOU wanna take the rabbit's place? ;)))

Hie!! i'm Tshung Wai and i laike wabbits cos they are shoo kiuttttt ^.^!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Of Steph and Heng

u never saw that coming did you??? If you couldnt see her, she's at the back row on the left. Did not know she can dance. :P

If you ever see her, ask her to dance and show you. :P

Now steph! Have you ever wondered how steph would be in like.. ten years? Married and doing house chores? Wonder no more..

It was jane loh (PM7)'s birthday and steph being the great potential wife decided to help wash up. :P

Saturday, April 9, 2011


ALRIGHT! quite happy now.. there's actually something to post right now.. HAHA.
If you all dont know... many of us who are overseas are coming back during the last week of JUNE!!

So thinking of meeting everyone up again la.. How does 27th June sound?

Truthfully I didnt really think about a venue.. Was just thinking of steamboat.. LOL so perhaps yuan..

If you could make it or you would prefer another date could u all just sms me? (this is to those helpful and lovely people who do care and still wan to see pm8 ppl =.=) of course i would most likely have to sms u all, but it would be great to hear from all of u again. :P

Your ex class rep
Tsung wai