Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our class rep, say awwwwww!

So tsung wai, su ann and hui ning went for my easter play at taylor's lakeside campus! the play was called "The Velvet Rabbit" and yea the rabbit tsung wai is hugging and acting cute with is the main star of the's super cuddly..that's why after the show tsung wai just stoned with it in his arms (maybe he was imagining hugging a specific "someone" hmmmmm....) ok i will just let the pictures do the talking...malas

 YOU wanna take the rabbit's place? ;)))

Hie!! i'm Tshung Wai and i laike wabbits cos they are shoo kiuttttt ^.^!!


  1. never thought that he would have like such things! cute!!

  2. yeah tsung wai has so many personalities, so scary wan......

  3. =.= what do u mean so many personalities? one only.