Sunday, February 1, 2009

SmS chain.. And Time table..

Thanks to all who did do their part on this sms chain thing.. Thanks to Sam Ong. And please for those who are still blur.. Please check out what you're suppose to do.. And do it!!! Haha..

Oh ya, I've not manage to get the new time table.. I saw the announcements.. But no timetable.. No place to download like Melissa said.. If anyone ever succeds, please let me know tomorrow..

Happy Birthday to Fiona~! I'm so sorry.. I totally forgot...@.@ :P Hope you'll forgive me.. Dang! Din manage to play a prank on you.. God bless and may your birthday bring you great joy!!

Oh.. the 2 Sams said something bout bowling.. Senorita, can you like put up a poll..? We'll choose a day for us to go out.. Well need not be bowling.. just do something.... (maybe a poll for what we're going to do as well).

Oh ya.. Some one deleted the pics for that day yee sang? But can meh? Only the person that post can edit right??? How to delete other people's post?? Hmmm... Senorita??

today saw mr peter go out makan with another teacher! We all whack him tomorrow! Miss Cindy! we will make sure you get justice! Haha... DOn't let Mr peter bully you! Hit him till he #.#
Hmmm.. i guess that's all for now...

Class Rep


  1. DOn't let Mr peter bully you! Hit him till he #.#
    <--- Are u sure u can hit him?

  2. Lol.. Ms cindy.. your comments not to tell how to get time table but whether i can hit him???

  3. Try to check now. Other Jan09 intake students can check d..