Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Malacca Trip

I'm so sorry for a major setback for those of you who felt it. Just gave up a while..

Anyway.. The trip is on this weekend. Not sure if anyone will read the blog now. But just felt it will be right to post it here.

Price for accommodation: Rm 30.
Price of food: Unknown(perhaps everyone should give Rm50 to shirley to hold? Then she'll pay for all the food consumed there)

People going (12) :
1)Ong Wen Qi
2)Tan Shirley
3)Samantha Ong
4)Chen Mee Kuan
5)Vivian Chong
6)Heng Chin Shian
7)Cindy Tan
8)Koh Wai Han
9) Tio Zhi Yong
11)Ching Hui Ning
12) me

So far we've only 2 drivers and therefore is anyone able to drive?
Our last hope is Mr Peter.

Sorry Class rep

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