Friday, March 5, 2010

Bali, Woohoo.

Okay, I know I told all of you RM 1000 is enough. As of right now, it's okay but I don't think it would be enough if you wanna consider shopping and all unless we take the Free and Easy package where we'll have two days free and I have no clue what we're gonna do for two days or even what to eat on our own for two days. lol. So anyways, here are the packages I've found and which I think are the best ones. If any of you have friends or if you know anyone who knows of a better package, please tell me ASAP. I really want to book this trip and start on my A2 revision, stop laughing and don't judge me! :P Also, let's confirm the dates for the 22nd-25th of June. :)

Btw, prices here are for Twin sharing. If we can get more people and do triple sharing, it'll again be cheaper. As for Tsung Wai, I'm sorry but unless you can get some one to share a room with you, it'll be major expensive :(! check out the website for your prices.

The good part about it: No need to decide where to go, everything is planned out
Bad part: Might not have time for anything else. We have the last day and first day 'free' but we have no idea what time is our flight leaving or arriving. It's probably cheap flights so I doubt we'll have any free time for the beach or even shopping.
The cost is RM793 perperson (for hotel, Daily Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dirty Duck Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Jimbaran Seafood Dinner, air tickets) + RM 60 (airport tax, I'm not sure if we have to pay twice of just once)
So all together it'll cost RM853 (if we only have to pay once)

Second one, the Free and easy one. No need for itinerary because we don't have any tours. Just go on our own and figure stuff out ourselves when we're there.
Good part: LOTS of free time to walk around, swim, go sun tanning (lol), bond and gossip for the last time and shop shop shop! Also, a LOT cheaper.
Bad points: We might end up not doing anything at all. Getting a tour when we go there will probably be more expensive. So think properly!
The price is RM334 perperson (for hotel stay+Daily Breakfast+air tickets) +RM60 (for airport tax. Again, i don't know once or twice)
So all together it'll only be Rm394 perperson which is cheap-ness but remember, we'll have to find our own food and trust me, that is a real chore! However, we can just go to McDs and eat in the hotel (food is rather cheap there).

Lastly, we can always stay in the Hard Rock Hotel. We don't do much, just a little but here's the itinerary anyways:
Plus points: Free with some sort of stuff to do. We get a stolen bag, WHATEVER THAT IS! We stay in the 'coolest', 'hippest' spot of Kuta. We get a cool swimming pool. Near stuff, not so much walking for Mummy, I mean the lazy ones. LOL. AND a relaxing massage. :D
Cons: Everything will be expensive, ang mo area. Paying a lot for nothing much but the nice hotel.
The pricing (is overpriced lah if you ask me) : Rm726 perperson+ Rm 60 (airport tax-NO, I don't know once or twice). Overall :RM 786 (again, only counting it as once)

So, the last one I doubt we'll go for it lah. AHHA. Anyways, I think we either go for the first one or the second one. If you can confirm by Monday and pay me by Friday, it'll be awesome. AHHA. If you have not gotten a passport, let me know. I'll rush you, personally. :P
Another thing, Do you all wanna go for 4 nights instead of 3? HAHAHA. Just asking, cause then we can do LOTS of stuff and still have one day off. :) Feedback on Monday too. Have a great weekend!

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