Monday, December 6, 2010

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

This blog is dying... I couldnt sleep last night so being so bored i revisited this blog!
Couldnt believe my eyes when i saw melissa commenting here. LOL

Anyway.. since this blog is not deleted, i thought
"hey! we should all update everyone on how's life here!"

So i'll start the ball rolling.....

Well if you noticed the title of this post.. Its CPR! (Yeah you read right! I'm using medical terms now! ) although i didnt learn anything about CPR.. =.= Now i'm studying medicine in IMU for at least another 2 and the half years.. After that, we'll see how it goes..

Life in imu -
Well.. orientation was definitely fun!
This was my group mates for orientation! Three of them were from Taylor's too (including Sam Ong's friend!) The other two were from PM7. i nvr knew. 0O

It was exhausting... 2 Weeks of... yes fun.. but extremely long hours of activity really can exhaust someone. :P (Tio, Sam and Heng.. BE PREPARED!!!)

In IMU lectures are only from 8-10am.. after that once a week we have something called PBL(problem based learning) which we have a prob
lem.. and we talk about it.. figures.. but for PBL we are divided to smaller groups! Thats way more fun than boring 200 ppl lecture in which we wouldnt be able to talk much during class... I had (past tense cause PBL lessons are now over.. next year would be a different group) 6 ppl in the same PBL as me. And for the second half of the semester my DEAN was my faci!
Guess which one of us was the Dean?

Well as for activities in IMU, there are clubs and stuff.. they have a lot of event.. most of it fun raisers though... Was involved in one. :P Halloween. Ppl in IMU surprised me. oO they really did dress up for halloween! I would have never guessed.

well overall its good here in IMU :P Although sometimes it gets kinda boring.. And ah.. well.. a lot of conversations are about exams. ... Oh well.. enjoying it nonetheless! LOL

This is a quick update la.. Just to get things started here! How about you?? How's life???

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