Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok.. Serious stuff people.. We have a major problem..
For those of you who are aware.. We have celebrated 2 birthdays already.. February and January.. But for Feb it seems to be getting boring.. Tried to make something different but.. And our budget kinda tight.. We will need another RM 280+ (not including photocopying some other notes and papers) if we want to celebrate every month's birthday..


1) We cut cost and buy muffin or something every month for the birthday babies..
2) We do it only maybe.. every 3 months once? Keep things fresh.. Less birthday parties..
3) For months with only 1 or 2, we pull them over to another month.. might not be fair..
4) We forget bout the whole thing (NOT AN OPTION)
5) We pay extra bout.. RM 20 per person for every month to have this.. But will come out with funny ideas.. Maybe curry for August babies...(SU ANN loves curry) :P.. something like that..

* will be asking your opinion on Monday. So please think bout it.

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