Monday, March 2, 2009

our last goodbye's

dear pm8-rians,

im so sorry for such short notice for leaving the class today....ill come back tomorrow for our final goodbye's.....the reason for me parting from pm8 is due to physics enquirement on the uni ive applied to or is gonna apply to.....

ms cindy i just wanna say that your the best mentor anywan can have thanks for teaching me and having such patience's ,thanks for being there for me and teaching me chemistry:) to mr peter ting,thanks for the hours of blood,sweat,tears for explaining to me:) ms chong thanks for times shared during thinking skills lecture

To class rep and class mates,
thanks tsung:) appreciate it all the best and make sure u keep the class united k:) keep the fire and flame burning in you:) and my fellow classmates thanks for everything:) thanks for supporting me,taking my nonsence.... my heart ache's as ill never find any classmates like u guys:) keep up the scandals and do update me once in a while and if u guys do wanna
drop by and say hello im in pm5:) i love and cherish our friendship....we could always keep in touch my email addy is all the best in your undertakings for CAL and god bless:)


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