Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Easy!

I'm dead bored at home, and decided to finish up this entry. I found out that some of PM8-ers didn't post anything in the class blog because they don't know how to use Blogger. So, I decided to post the tutorial, and hence all of us should start blogging from now onwards. =)

Please click on the pictures for enlargement!

Firstly, log in first. You can't post any entry if you don't. ( Eherm, Tio! )

Once you're in dashboard, click on "New Post".

Name your post and type anything you want in the box I highlighted with pink.

Meaning of the icons

I know some of you wish to upload pictures and videos as well. No worries, it is an easy job too. You don't have to squeeze your brain juice just to figure out how because I'm here to tell you the ways. =)Therefore, please upload the remaining pictures and videos during our trip, okay? Haha.

Click on the "Upload Picture" icon, and you'll see a pop up window. After that, click "Browse" and select a picture from your computer. If you would like to upload more, you can click "Add another image". You can upload 5 pictures at the same time. Then, choose a layout, whether you want your pictures to be in the middle or what and select the image size as well. I prefer large. =)

Same goes to uploading video. Click on the "Upload Video" icon, and you'll see a pop up window as well. Name your video and click "Browse" to select a video from your computer. Remember to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

However, I personally recommend Youtube because it is faster and larger. After you upload your videos in Youtube, click on your usernameto go to your homepage. You'll see all the videos you have uploaded.

Then go to the page of the video itself. You'll see "Embed" on your right hand side. Copy all the codes in there and paste them in the pink highlighted box I showed you guys just now. Remember to paste them in Edit Html, not Compose.

Last step, click on Publish Post after you are done with editing and composing. Ta-dah, you'll see your entry in our blog then. =)

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