Saturday, April 25, 2009



throughout the times we spent together,
never had i expected this.
There was many ups and downs,
That we were almost broken,
Many noticed even those not close to us
I even believed their comments,
thinking they are right in their assessment,
when it comes to our closeness,
Pm8, its unbelievable.


Many hardships come and go,
Sometimes i wonder where we're heading to,
I've almost come to believe that its gone,
The closeness we've developed and that was hone.

The starting of this year was extatic,
unbelievable even i felt the static,
All the things that we've done like we're the closest of friends,
then started a downward trend.

I've felt it gone even lecturers the most,
The thing that i thought my class can boast,
I lost faith in that we had,
I thought it was gone, that bad.

But definitely i was wrong,
for PD we had fun and played, even laughed about thongs???
We definitely are close, undeniable,
what we could achieve from now onwards, unbelievable.

This would be a great year to look forward,
Now set our goals as we move toward,
Set it higher and never be a coward,
We've definitely reach it even.... Harvard?? (well not everyone wants to go there but...)

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