Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting boring...

Hmm.. no one's posting anymore.. nothing to post i guess..(well actually no need guess la..) but well we should do some advertisement.. I know someone in our class that models' for vitagen.. Recently i got her picture.. So here!

Haiz.. This cute picture sure help sell a lot of vitagen.. She still look like a cute small girl.. Reminds us when we were very small right??? Well we should look at some old pictures when we were still small... hmm.. to be more specific.. i know how su ann looks.. Would anyone want to know? Let's play "spot little su ann"! in standard 4 i think.. I guess its better if both of them take center stage.. Here's little steph steph when she's cute and cuddly..(still cute and cuddly and now more pretty!) when she was in standard 2....

I won't tell or show which ones are suann or steph steph.. Go find out! Hehe..

I didnt search for anyone else's one.. Just so happen i stumbled on these.. So sorry.. if anyone would like to post their cute picture please do so.. I'm sure we'll all like to see it.. right??

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