Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks for the sweet memories

A strange but cool class....
Which never gives up no matter what they do!

Thanks lol for the farewell lunch... Hmm I will miss all of you... Surely will miss Miss Cindy who is always willing to help the students in her class in chem and any other problem, Mr Peter who is always so sporting and cool no matter what he does, Miss Chong who never fails to make the class burst into laughter even though the subject is not as interesting as her and Maths lecturer which is always so passionate with maths!

To my collegemates, I wish you all good luck in your alevels and also life. Ok some advice to the princes.Tsung Wai better becareful with his words or he will offend a lot of girls in class... Hehe... Then no girlfriend for him... To Ah Tio, please make more silly jokes to make the class laugh non-stop. To Michael, good luck in your dreams and mix with the classmates more often. To Chee Siong, erm... I also dunno what to say la... Haha...

Some words to the beautiful and sexy princesses in PM8.. Shirley... Must laugh more often and infect people with your laughter. To Mee Kuan, Stay cute and may your debating skills against the guys help you get a boyfriend! To darling Li Jin, always keep the cute smile on your face no matter what happens. To Sam Thum... Why la you are not modelling? You damn damn damn hot la! Haha.. Smile always! To Sam Ong-great drama queen...ngek ngek ngek... Miss my -_-" face? Hahaha.... To Jen Nee my dear you have sooooo many boy friends... Choose one and stick to it k? Hahaha...To Hui Ning, don't lose to Tsung Wai. Hentam Him KAO KAO! To Wai Han always smile and stay beautiful! To Heng, hehe... stay beautiful and get a Korean BF! To Cindy... Err... you got someone to say you are beautiful everyday so I wish that You always smile and excel in your studies! If got a pretty dr like you then all the guys will purposely be sick. To Wen Qi, always stay sexy and be sexy no1!!!! To Vivian you eat so much better maintain your figure lol! Haha... To Jocelyn, always be yourself! I like it that way. Debbie no matter what happens I will always think that you are a nice girl. Fiona, stay hot lol! To Sin Yee, you are a good advisor, keep it up. To darling Rachel, smile and always be positive! It makes you unique and thanks for the homely food which you cook for us to eat! Love you so much!! To Stephanie, hehehe... You are hot and cute so maintain it. Lol its my opinion la... To Sue Ann, good luck to you no matter what happens. You are a very dear friend! To my dearest Melissa, you are the sweetest girl and im happy that you are honest with me... Good luck in no matter what you do and may success follow you where ever you go.

Ok I guess thats it. Did I miss anyone? Well Im really sorry if I ever offend anyone of you. If I was given a chance to turn back time, I wouldn't have be so quiet lol and chatted more often with you all. Well Bye!!!

A goodbye is never forever,
A tear is never for the worse,
A blessing is for all of you my dear,
Wishing you all the success and long lasting friendships in your life!

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  1. So emo.. Wan cry de.. Wait a minute.... U cursing me??? Hmmph!!!