Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2 messages!!

Ok got two things to state here this very day
This sat!! We're going to the islamic museum if u dun remember! So please refresh yourself and tell yourself to be at college by 9.15am.. And read your email for more details..

Ms Chong said ok! Can bring food! so perhaps we'll have a little picnic? Have fun there cause its supposedly surrounded by a garden so should be nice in the morning!!! Wan??

This from Mr Peter! He also got trip..
Copy miss chong..
Visit to Melaka Manipal Medical College!!
On the 3rd of October.

Please tell me whether you're going or not by tomorrow or at least Friday!!! Ok??

Yar.. spread the news to everyone.. Will redo a nicer sms chain during hols.. Now lazy.. Lol :P


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  1. Ya ya, all meet at Main Campus at 9.15am sharp sharp ok. Dont be late. And ya, have picnic in the gardens of the Museum. No probs. kekeke *excitednya aku*