Friday, September 11, 2009


yes miss we will do the hw..

Tomorrow! We're going to KL Lake Gardens!!! Ok people! We have decided to have a picnic or something like that right? First thing: food!!!
1) Egg sandwiches: Stephanie! not sure SuAnn helping or not..
2) Meekuan and shirley: Milk and cereal.. no idea why...
3) Jennie: some snacks.. never heard before...
4) Samantha Ong: m&ms that she got since valentine... (-.-)
5) Melissa: Sushi!!!! my fav!
6) myself.. maybe some drinks.. not sure..
7) anyone else.. please tell me if u're bringing anything.. ok?

For those who are not bringing anything.. -.-! Lol for those who are Yay!!

Do we need a mat or something? i not sure if there's tables for us...

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