Friday, November 20, 2009


Life is full wit surprise!! today ur friend is talking to u at library and next day u find out she is going to drop A level!! woah thats cool man:) debbie is going to drop A level!! so we will not see her again and ur class left 23 people!! i hope tis will be the minimum number in ur classs coz i dun wan any of our friend going to leave agian!! haizzz no more people will stay at library wit me again!! until 6pm! haizzz i also pity to the people who have same group wit debbie in lab!! she going to be alone:(!! wat to do life has to go on!! time wont stop for us!! we so unprepare that debbie going to leave us even a farewell lunch also unable to have it!! we also do not have chance to take picture wit her!!:( everyone in pm8 will forever be my best friend and best moment in my life!! we oonly left 6month before we going to seperate and to persuade our own dream and own life so i going to treasure every second i spend wit all pm8 menbers!! i hope u all willl have same thought wit me!!:) lets us spend our 6 months wisely!! for debbie i wish she can find her own dream soon!!:) happy always:)

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