Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hello peoppleeee!!!

Hello classmates! I tried FB-ing you all but it takes SOOO much time and I was soo sleepy y'day. HAHA. For those of you who i don't have on FB or missed out when i was trying to Mass/Spam message everyone, I entered the 8tv quickie host search and i got top 6. (YAY!) So now, I need your help to vote for me. The voting is open till the 8th of January so it's a LOOONGGG 'race'. We've gotta keep voting constantly. Probably voting for me after the 29th of Nov would make more sense But if you start voting from now, It can't hurt anybody right? HAHA!

I'm not sure if i told you all before BUT I'll be LIVE on 8tv quickie on the 29th of November at 12 midnight. See if you all can catch that. In fact, try calling in. HAHA. Hear yourselfs on the tv screen. Also, when you see my picture. TRY NOT TO LAUGH. I don't look.. whatever lah. HAHA. but if you laugh, you need to vote EXTRA. :D Get your family and friends to vote also.

SMS - SMS QS(space)Sam to 33399

Thanks you guys. And now, back to Biology. URGH. hahaha!

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