Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well looks like only seven people will be going.. Since Jennie can't join us.. Got transport problem i heard... Ya.. Anyway.. I've got the tickets! For the theme park and also the bus trip to and from..

We will be taking the bus from One U at 8 am sharp!! So please be there and the bus will come back from the skyway at 6pm sharp! Takes about an hour or so to come back. Then dinner won't be at genting(Sam Ong, happy? :)) The bus trip will take us to the skyway then we will take the cable car up and down. I also got the tickets for all park unlimited rides already.

If someone decided to change their minds and not go theme park.. instead to watch movies in genting....(hehe no prob)-cause its actually a package, u can choose the theme park or a buffet at the coffee terrace.. lunch. :P

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