Friday, June 26, 2009


Ain't the Doggies super adorable?

Shirley was so happy when she knew that she was tall enough to sit on ALL the rides.

i wanted to stand on the rock but the fishes started splashing.
so i chickened out and sat down.
now, i regret. HAHA.

Mummy MeeKuan

Round One: Not half bad

Round Two: This ride sucks!!
(Try to spot Shirley trying to jump off. lol)

aww, don't you feel the Love?

at the entrance, where at the end, we finally got the manager and used his 'services'. X)

for the rest of the photos, i'll be posting 'em up on Facebook.
and i'm sorry about the wierd spaces in between photos.
have i mentioned before that i hate blogger? LOL.

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