Friday, June 26, 2009

Of Genting and Grumpies

first and foremost, Genting was Awesome.
eventhough i now have hurting feet because we were basically walking nonstop today.

Here's the Highlights from today:
We all arrived at One Utama at 7.30 a.m.
and by 'we all', i mean Melissa, Tsung Wai, Steph, Sam and Sam.
Shirley and Mee Kuan arrived at 7.45 but were frantic and panicked in the parking lot.
at 8.00, the Bus driver decided to close the doors of the bus,
with us standing right outside the door.
so, 'we all' jumped on and prayed to God that Shirley and Mee Kuan arrive soon.
the Bus driver was Not a Happy camper.
as the bus was pulling away, you see Mee Kuan and Shirley running towards the bus.
with their arms, flailing in the air and Shirley laughing, of course.
Tsung Wai, the hero, goes to the front and stops the Bus Driver.
He, who reluctantly stopped the vehicle, grunted:
we look up at the clock and it read 8.02 a.m.
DUDE, it was 2 minutes, 120 seconds.
At Genting, we found this cool red telephone booth and we all wanted a picture of it.
so, i went to the nearest lady, who's stall had no ppl, and said,
"Can you please help us take a photo?"
she was sewing some stupid doll which nobody would probably win in the next year or so.
next time right, just say NO.
other than that, we had an awesome time. We went on almost every rollercoaster we saw. screamed our lungs out and laughed almost nonstop. the photos that will be uploaded soon will surely show you all the fun you missed out on.

Other than that, we had a Great time filled with laughter.
More photos will be posted up soon to 'satisfy you' (in the words of Mee Kuan. lol)
On the way home, we made sure we were ALL at the bus stop early.
being early, we got on the bus first.
forgetting that we have sitting positions, we tembak duduk lah.
an elderly couple comes up to Tsung Wai and says,
"You are in our seat"
Our class rep apologizes and i said,
"Hey Shirley, we forgot there's sitting, let me see our tickets."
the Old man immediately says,
little did the Grump know, we already WERE sitting in OUR sits.

Basically, Genting was loads of Fun.
eventhough our trip seems to be filled with Grumpy old men,
the Seven of us had heaps of laughs and memories for a life time :)
and for the old grumpy ppl on the bus,
go Genting and lose money already, don't simply scold people.
now, you lose face. lol.

these photos are uneditted and only God knows why Tsung Wai looks like a girl in both photos.
He even looks like he has eyeliner on. HAHAHA!

kawai! Lala~

i love 'em, don't you? ahhaha.

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