Tuesday, January 20, 2009


heyy girls...(oopss and guys)...hehe...so how are you all?? hope you all are okay now that its been like your thrid week or so...hope you guys are more active, now that you know your classmates even better...how's your class mentor, Ms. Ng and the other lecturers? Fun eh?? haha..the big question is...how is A-levels so far??? haha...well compared to the other pre-u programme here...A-levels student are always regarded as the nerdy ones...well...it maybe true...i don't know but one things for sure...try to enjoy your college life...it's way to short to harvest hatred or anything like that....so study hard and have fun as hard as you study at the same time...now that your in college...you should know to yourself how to balancce between fun and study....but anyways...go out there and make new friends....so enjoy the rest of your semester (well u have two more semesters to finish which is quite a long way to go) and study hard!! if you need help, I'm here to provide you with any assistance you need and so is my other two friend...samantha and suet way....so have a wonderful time!!

-daanis, student helper-


  1. To Mr Daanis Amar,


    DRP Dirge.

    P.s : HAHA!!!

  2. All of u are welcome to this blog! Daanis, thank you for ur good advice for my mentees!