Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Awesome day. We pranked Sam Ong, which was damn funny. Hahaha. I kept turning my face away when Mr Kok came in and was conducting the 'spot check' because I couldn't stop smiling. xD

Ms Cindy is the awesomest mentor ever! :)

Even though...


And, I have some suggestions:
- Everyone gets access to the page layout so we can all make this the best class blog ever!
- New chatbox!
- One weekend, or holiday, or something, we all go PAINTBALL!
- We track down Ms Cindy's msn!! (God knows how)

* P.S. Someone post up the pictures of the yee sang-ing please!


  1. Track down my Msn??? haha..all the best!

  2. not fair! you blurred your contacts!