Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My MSN Statement~

I'm trying to promote our class blog!

PM8 (Pandai Main-8), BEHAVE!!

Take a look on the counter and u'll know how popular is this blog! Within few days we can reach 720++ views!!

And now i know, some of u ( YES, is U, Sam Ong, Class Rep, GLSM) are actually bloggers but didn't wanna admit when i asked bout that!! So BAd huh!!


k, I hope this blog will be a place for you to voice out your feeling, (just like what Samantha did) and ar.. A place for u to kecoh-kecoh (so that u wont have energy to kecoh-kecoh when i'm teaching in the class, set?!)

*Muakss* and *hugzz * for those who obeys this command!

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