Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to PM8

Hello my dear PM8 kids, I hope you enjoy your staying in Taylors.
Being a mentor in this class, I hope that everyone loves each other, cares for one another and help each other in studies. For girls, please "sayang" boys, have pity on these 4 precious species in our class, hopefully after 1.5 years, 4 of them will grow fatter and healthier.

To be honest, I'm the type of person who will get nervous easily. Meeting new batch of students is always a challenge for me. I still remember during the orientation day, before I 1st step in to the class to meet all of u, I went to the wash room for few times just to remain calm and stable, sound funny right?! Alright, that's Me-Your MENTOR!

I started to feel more relieved when the student helpers (Dannis, Samantha and Suat Wei) came in to conduct the ice breaking games. All the while I'm observing everyone of you, I tried my best to remember everyone's names, but sorry to say that I'm weak in that. So, to me, U guys really did a good job!

I love the simple notes about yourself which you wrote for me in a piece of paper, some of you are so cute and you know what? All those notes cheer up my day!! I enjoy teaching all of you because PM8 is a lively class. I treated all of you like my little brothers and sisters. (coz I'm too young to be your mother). If you are not satisfied with anything, please come to the yellow staff room and shout for "Ms Cindy Ng".

I'll always be there for you as a tutor, a motivator, a supporter, a good listener and a friend of yours if you need me. :)

Ms Cindy Ng.


  1. Aiyoh teacher, where got nervous? Look so casual...... ATW(Class Rep)

  2. Nervous during the 1st meeting only...
    Later no more ok!!

  3. Teacher... U are so sweet...keke

  4. SOS!!Our manhood is endangered.We are being overwhelmed by hostile feminine forces.Need backup.PM08 reporting to HQ.Over and out.

  5. To Ms Ng
    Aaron Si Seng Yong want to transfer to your class immediately...